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What should I do if I notice any adverse reactions or changes in my dog’s behavior after starting the treatment?2024-02-06T14:42:33-08:00
Please contact your Dosing Specialist immediately. They will respond in a prompt and timely manner. If for any reason you do not have an assigned dosing specialist please feel free to call the company directly and get started. Dosing Specialists are complimentary with the purchase of our medicinal products and are there to answer your questions.
Is there any follow-up or ongoing support provided after the initial consultation and treatment plan?2024-02-06T14:42:34-08:00
Yes. All purchases are supported by the assignment of a complimentary Dosing Specialist. This is a naturopathic pet specialist who will be there to give you dosing support, answer questions and to tailor your experience so it is as successful as possible for you. patients are dealing with a wide array of issues so dosing support looks a little differently for everyone. All purchases come with complimentary dosing support and patient/families can use this resource as much or as little as they like to.
What are the qualifications and experience of the dosing specialists at King Harvest Wellness?2024-02-06T14:42:34-08:00
Each King Harvest Dosing Specialist has a unique set of experiences related to the world of animals that has them uniquely qualified to help you and your family. All King Harvest specialists are naturopathic animal wellness specialists that have had years of experience in medicines, nutrition, supplements, behavioral training and general wellness. Each specialist has had years of experience in dealing with the direct administration of animals and cannabis oil medicines. Canine and feline patients are handled similarly to human pediatrics and children. Whereas King Harvest medicines are 100% safe and effective, it is always best to have dosing supervision and a specialist that can answer your questions about how the medicines you have purchased apply to your family and situation.
How can I get in touch with you for more information or to start a conversation about my dog’s needs?2024-02-06T14:42:35-08:00
Please call, email or text us direct to set up a cost free consultation with one of our naturopathic pet specialists today! Our specialists are available Monday through Friday 9am – 5pm PST and there is no charge or obligation.
What are the most common conditions that King Harvest Wellness can help alleviate in dogs?2024-02-06T14:42:35-08:00

As most health issues are determined to be a result of inflammation, King Harvest medicines are excellent for treating almost any type of ailment, whether it is focused only on the symptoms or the underlying disease itself. There are too many ailments to count, but they generally fall into one of three categories:

  1. Symptom Treatment: We address conditions such as anxiety, pain, aggression, and low energy due to age-related illnesses. King Harvest products will begin showing results for issues like these in just a few hours or even a few days.
  2. Critical Conditions: We encounter critical conditions of all kinds. For more serious issues, we treat a variety of cancers, such as Lymphoma and Osteosarcoma, autoimmune disorders such as Diabetes, IBD, Crohn’s, or Addison’s, neurological issues such as epilepsy and seizures, or inflammatory conditions like Arthritis and hip dysplasia. King Harvest medicines are beneficial for all these conditions because inflammation has been determined to be the root of all diseases.
  3. Age-Related Illness: The final category addresses age-related illnesses. By stimulating the canine endocannabinoid system, we see aging dogs (and humans) revert to a much more youthful version of themselves, with increased energy, less pain, and better sleep overall.
How does King Harvest Wellness tailor treatments to an individual dog’s needs?2024-02-06T14:42:36-08:00
King Harvest specializes in Strain Specific medical cannabis protocols which are 90-day long programs of medicine designed to eradicate disease altogether. With over a decade of experience serving patients, King Harvest has had a unique opportunity to see what works. Over the years we have worked with patients and physicians directly to determine the different types of chemical profiles within the cannabis medicine itself to be valuable for treating different kinds of ailments. Depending on the type of illness or symptom you’re dealing with our specialist are able to create a customized medical protocol that is unique and specific to the situation that your patient is in. We can address the situation from the perspective of treating symptoms, or we can dig in deeper and try to eliminate the underlying disease itself. Either way and at all times your specialist will help determine the exact type of customized medicine you need and for how long it should be taken. They will also supervise the day to day dosing of the medicine and make themselves available for questions and support.
Are there any success stories or testimonials from other dog owners who used your services?2024-02-06T14:42:37-08:00
Yes, one of the most exciting things about working with King Harvest is the sheer volume of patients who’ve had a great experience with our company. Whether it is getting rid of painful symptoms, sleeping better or more often getting rid of a underlying diagnosis or disease altogether, thousands of families have used King Harvest and they LOVE to share their experience. Testimonials can be found on the PainfreePup.com website itself and can also be provided to you directly by your specialist during your cost free consultation.  Patients often like to see evidence of the families who have been successful with our company and they often like to see copies of lab tests as well showing the exact type of medicine that was responsible.
Can you explain the privacy policy regarding the information I share about myself and my dog?2024-02-06T14:42:37-08:00
King Harvest is a medical company first and has always sought to work in harmony with both physicians and our patients themselves. Further, we work with active cannabinoid-based medicines so privacy is of utmost importance. Because of this King Harvest is bound by Federal HIPAA laws the same way an internal Doctors (MDs) or Veterinarian would be. As is required by law all of your information is entirely private and it can never be bought or sold for any reason. You have every right to expect complete privacy and discretion because we are legally required to do so. Many patients appreciate our privacy policies very much as it allows them complete discretion even from their physician, local community or even family members.
How does the free consultation process work, and what can I expect during the consultation?2024-02-06T14:42:38-08:00

King Harvest offers cost free and no obligation wellness consultations where patients can ask and get information related to their Dog’s specific situation as well as how cannabis medicines might help. King Harvest specializes in lab tested THC/CBD dominant cannabis oils, which are; organic, whole flower-only and strain specific cannabinoid medicines that are designed specifically to target your dog’s symptoms, situation and underlying illness. Our goal is total recovery for your puppy so the information we give you applies universally to their health overall. consultations are generally 15-30 minutes long and always free of obligation. Our medical cannabis specialists are experts in naturopathic animal care and can offer you life saving cannabis medicines as well as specific information related to its dosing and day to day use.

What makes King Harvest Wellness’s pain relief solutions unique for dogs?2024-02-06T14:42:39-08:00

King Harvest makes the finest human grade, lab tested and “Strain specific” CBD and THC medical cannabis oils available worldwide. As a company and organization we make these same high quality medicines available to animal populations as well. Our medicines are lab tested for potency, accuracy, as well as each chemical and terpene profile. This is done to ensure that each specific type of formulated medicine Is specifically tailored for each patients specific needs and goals. This combined with day to day supervision from a dosing specialist ensures patients are successful and have a great experience.

Your Trusted Partner in Your Dog’s Pain Management Journey

We understand how heart-wrenching it can be to see your beloved dog in pain. Our dedicated team is committed to providing personalized care to ease your dog’s discomfort and improve their quality of life. Here’s how we ensure a smooth and secure process for you and your furry friend:

Free, No-Obligation Consultation:
Our dosing specialists will work with you to understand your dog’s unique needs and develop a tailored treatment plan.

Privacy is Our Priority:
Your trust is important to us. Rest assured, all the information you share, during your consultation or otherwise, is kept confidential and is never shared or sold.

Easy Information Access:
Prefer to start the conversation via email? Get all the information you need by visiting our Contact Page.

Together, we’ll explore the best path forward for your dog’s health and happiness.
Your peace of mind is just a consultation away.

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